Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albay Province

Mayon Volcano ready to erupt.

This is view of Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Church.

Albay is a province which is part of the Bicol Region. It is in souhtern part of Luzon; one of the 3 major islands of the Philippines. Albay is 460km (287mi) south of Manila. Just like the other islands in the country, you can also see beautiful tourist spots like caves, natural springs, waterfalls and also marine life. One of the most famous volcano in the world is located in this province. This volcano is called "Mayon" which is a perfect cone volcano. It is active and already erupted several time. It is also a wonder to people that inspite of these eruptions, it maintained its perfect shape. Close to this volcano is a spot where many tourists visit. It is the cagsawa church which bear a history. When you visit it you will see the tower bell and the rest of it is burried underground due to the eruption many years ago. According to the history, during the eruption in 1814 many people living there went to the church for safety. unfortunately, the whole place was covered with lava and these people died in that church.

Albay celebrates the Magayon festival anually on the month of May which relives the legend of Mayon volcano. This volcano is called Daragang Magayon which means a beautful lady. this festival also portrays the cultural life of the people from Albay.

Magayon Festival

There are many destinations where you can visit if you are planning to explore Albay. One of whish is the Mayon resthouse which is on the eastern slopes of Mt. Mayon at an altitude of 2,700 ft. Up there, the temperature is 28 degree celsius which is compared to the temperature in Baguio; the summer capital of the country. You might also want to visit the Hoyop-hoyopan cave which is located in Camalig Albay. This cave is believed as the primitive habitat of the natives of the area. This cave has 3 levels and has very interesting story. Another cave is called the Calbidongan cave which means cave of the bats. it has a groto-like stone formation which you can see inside. There is a beautifal falls located in Tiwi Albay called Bugsucan falls. This falls is located on the side of Joroan road. This falls blended with the natural spring on the same spot.Busay Falls is considered as one of the highest waterfalls in the country because of its seven-tiered cascading white foam, estimated to have a vital height of 800 feet from the top. It is located in Malilipot Albay. You can also visit San Lorenzo beach in Tabaco Albay. Its strategic location has commanded a breathtaking view of Tabaco Bay and quiet island of San Miguel. Another beautiful spot is the Kapuntukan Hill located in Legazpi City. Atop this hill, one will be afforded to see the beautiful vista of Legazpi City including its neighboring municipalities. Described as "sleeping lion-shaped mountain".

Hoyop-hoyopan Cave located in Camalig Albay Philippines.

Busay Falls in Malilipot Albay Philippines.

There are more beautiful spots that you can find in this province. The lifestyle of the people are simple and it is a place of agriculture where these people get their living. People are also called "URAGON" or brave. They always have a hot and spicy food or sauce on a table every meal. They call it as appetizer and they enjoy the food with pepper. The Albayanos are also experiencing typhoons every year, as it is located on the tropical zone. Despite it, people are happy and never stop growing plants and work everyday to survive. Simple life is what they have but they are happy.


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